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PeaceFit in the pandemic …

It is 2021 and we are back in lockdown.

This is a sentence I really didn’t think I would be writing! A year ago we had returned from our once in a lifetime family holiday to Florida and the phrase ‘Coronavirus’ was beginning to filter into every day life. Being the eternal optimist I thought it would pass us by and we would all be merrily skipping through 2020 without a pandemic care in the world. Oh how wrong I was to look through my rose tinted spectacles!

Getting a week of snow, ski-ing and girly hilarity in early March was the last taste of freedom, I think we literally got the last run down the mountain before everything shut. We made it home just in time before the world stopped! Unbelievably lucky to have had that time and all those mask free memories are safely tucked away.

The plan was to softly launch PeaceFit in 2020 … building things up slowly. But Covid had so many other ideas. The lockdowns, restrictions and general fear has stopped most of the PeaceFit fun, but we have managed to squeeze in quite a bit between times. We’ve had classes, outdoor sessions, live sessions via zoom, children’s sessions, girls only sessions, weekly challenges, personal training and small groups of friends training together. When I write it all down it sounds like an awful lot! Maybe I have been busier that I realise!

I am beyond grateful for what we have built here on the farm, for my more than supportive family, unstoppable frequenters of PeaceFit and life in general. I think this pandemic has taught us all to be grateful for the little things and I hope this habit never leaves.

Looking forward to post lockdown times and I hope to see you at PeaceFit one day soon … in REAL LIFE!

Healthy wishes,

Emma x

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